BIANCA ANDREEA COSTEA- let us dream together about PARIS 2024!

It happens every time when a Romanian sportsperson achieves a great unexpected international performance, when our journalists use these words in their comments” she/he has exploded” or “he/ she has come from nowhere…

The truth is that we neither “come from nowhere”, nor we “explode”, as they say.

The real truth is that we work really hard each and every day, from morning to night, to make you feel proud of us and to offer you, even if it is for some minutes, while the Romanian anthem is being played and the national flags are being raised up the arena- that state of pure joy and emotion we all feel when only the sport itself and the pure generous patriotism can offer to all of us.

My name is Bianca Andreea Costea, I am 16, and my biggest dream is to become an Olympic champion of Romania.

It is a huge objective but not an unachievable one, though.

This would be one of the last steps of a journey I had started in the year of 2012, when I was only 7 years old.It is the moment when I started practicing swimming at Viva Sport Club Galati, under the coordination of my coach Mihaela Hodina.

The following 6 years I won over 100 medals and prizes- 1 st, 2nd and 3rd places at national and club contests for my people of Galati city.

In 2014, while I attended the contest “ Looking for future champions” , organized by Camelia Potec, I won the first place at the 50-metres freestyle and the 50 metres breaststroke races.

Again, in 2015, I reached the first position on the podium in the 50 metres breaststroke race. On that occasion,when two important figures of the Romanian sportslife offered me the medal , Camelia Potec and Ion Tiriac, filled my heart with big pride, peace and contentment.

Starting with the year of 2018 I was given the opportunity to compete for a Romanian Sports Club that gave Romania big champions, Olympic and world champions, that is Steaua Bucuresti.

Since then, under the direct coordination of my coaches Beatrice and Eduard Caslaru, I have taken part to the most important competitions of my life so far, according to my age category-the European Youth Olympic Festival, the European Junior Swimming Championships and World junior Swimming Championships in 2019.

My story continues with 2021 when I have added one more step to the thousands I have taken since I was only 7- besides my taking part to the European Junior Swimming Championship, I could also make my debut to the Senior European Championship.

It seems quite early for the age I am, 16, however, if you want to reach the Olympic gold, you need to hurry things a little bit…

In addition to this, in the summer of 2021, I’ve succeded in overcoming an important milestone: I have been selected to represent Romania to the Olympic Games from Tokyo. Nevertheless, ever since I started my training along my coaches from Steaua Bucuresti Club, we set our main objective – Paris 2024 Summer Olympics.

You are invited to join me along the way in achieving my childhood dream.

I will keep you informed, constantly, about my work, about my achievements.

This way, when my turn comes, to bring my glory to Romania from the Olympics and World Championships, then you will know “I haven’t come from anywhere”, then you will understand “ I haven’t exploded’ overnight,either, but in the meanwhile, I have worked really hard each and every day along a whole community who stand by me and support me constantly.